4 reasons, why to run to Africa

Try to turn your teachers on for the event!
There are some reasons why they could be interested in…

1. reason

The aim of the project “Run for Africa” is not only to get financial means for constructing schools in Africa, but also to inform students and public about the issues of development countries. The run may be included in School Educational Programme and organized regularly.

Partial aims are also fulfillment of pupils’ key competencies and mainly realization of many cross-sectional topics of General Educational Programme (Education of a democratic citizen, Education to think in European and global consequences, Multi-cultural education etc.)

2. reason

The project contributes to pupils‘ consideration of the meaning of education for an individual and for the society, consideration of the on-topic problems of contemporary world and creating values and attitudes. It makes children realize the value of cooperation and help, leads to an interested life attitude and solidarity.

It also helps to beat prejudices and creates positive attitudes to difference and multiculturalism. Students may reflect the background of members of other socio-cultural groups; the project contributes to preventing the rise of xenophobia.

3. reason

A journey may be a target – a choice of a suitable track, an adjustment of checkpoints or a make-up of complementary events contribute to warming the relationships among students and overall climate at school. The pupils‘ willingness to co-organize similar events rises, and also other abilities are developed.

4. reason

After all, running is healthy!

Except from these, you will certainly make up a lot of other arguments. Good luck!