Score a School


Your school decided to organize a charitable Run for Africa!


Do you want to join? Find a sponsor, e. g. your parents or a local company, and arrange a sum they will give you for each finished lap. The arranged sum should be written down on a Sponsor Sheet.


During the run itself you will get a tick on your starting number for each finished lap. As you finish running, the number of laps will be written down on the Sponsor Sheet as a proof of your effort.


You will then present the Sponsor Sheet to your sponsor. The number of finished laps will be multiplied by the promised sum, and you will receive the final amount of money. Bring the money to school as soon as possible; here you will get a receipt.


When all the money is collected from the racers, your school will send them to the collection’s bank account.
Directly from the account it is going to Africa, where a beautiful modern school is going to be built for it.


Your school’s accomplishment will be registered in the competition and the best class of your school will get a prize for its readiness. Whoosh!

Where and When

Time and place of the run is specified by the organising school. Sometimes it is at the weekend; however, it is better if the run is organised during a schoolday. The best place can be a nearby park or a school playground.

First and foremost, there will be an interesting lecture about Ethiopian problems at your school. The lecture will be given by people from People in Need. Thanks to the lecture you will find out why to help in Ethiopia.

Then you will get a Sponsor Sheet, and in the next 2-3 weeks you should find a sponsor. The exact sum depends on your agreement with the sponsor; the most common amount is 100 CZK for a lap, but it can be more or less as well.

On the day of the run you will be marked with a starting number; after each finished lap you will get a tick or a stamp. The confirmed number of finished laps will be presented to a sponsor who will give you the promised sum. If your sponsor is interested, he/she will also receive a receipt of a gift from People in Need; the receipt may be used as a certificate for a tax office to reduce taxes.

What is going to happen with the collected money

The pupils will bring the gifts from sponsors to school. The organizer will receive and count them. The acceptance of the money will be then confirmed on the application form.

At the moment of collecting all the gifts, the school will send the sum to the bank account of the collection.

It is not only about the run

The “Run for Africa” may be made up with a lot of extra activities.

The event may be organized as an afternoon of various sports or even as a charitable race among two or more schools. The run can also be linked with other subjects such as Geography, Civics, Art or P. E. lessons.

If you have any questions, contact us. We will be pleased to help you.

History of the Runs

The pioneer of charitable runs in Czech Republic is French Lycée in Prague.The necessary know-how to organize charitable runs in Czech Republic has been got thanks to their plentiful experience from France; there, similar events have been organized for years. Since 2009, students of the lycée together with students from Jan Neruda High School scored almost 1.5 million crowns. Join us too!